Mozido’s cloud-based, white-label solutions are currently deployed in several industries, with just a few examples listed here. Because the technology platform is flexible, scalable and can integrate to any number of legacy systems and service providers, Mozido’s mobile payments, offers and loyalty can be configured to meet the business needs of clients across different industries.

Financial Institutions

According to Juniper Research (July 2013), 800 million people will use mobile banking services in 2014. That number is expected to increase to 1.75 billion (32 percent of the global adult population) by 2019.

Mozido offers you the ability to extend your financial services(1) to your customers through their mobile phones. Mozido’s bank-grade secure, cloud-based mobile wallet can add features and functionality to your existing mobile banking abilities or provide a complete mWallet for banking and payments.

In addition to basic banking functions like account reporting and transfers, Mozido’s mobile wallet solution will soon give you the ability to add revenue-generating services your customers will use everyday such as person-to-person payments, payments to merchants, bill payment, pre-paid mobile top-up and international remittance. Reach beyond banking with analytics-based offers and loyalty programs to incentivize behavior.

Mozido even offers the ability to engage with non-banked or non-account holding customers using a pre-paid card as the funding source for mobile services.


Research from Juniper (January 2014) shows retail spending via mobile phones and tablets was worth $182 billion in 2013, equating to about 15 percent of e-retail. Mobile retail spending is forecast to be $707 billion by 2018, representing 30 percent of all e-retail.

And eMarketer (May 2014) found more than 70 percent of US adult digital coupon users will redeem a coupon or code on a mobile device for online or offline shopping in 2014, with mobile coupons delivering a higher average redemption rate of 10 percent, compared with a one percent redemption rate for print or PC coupons (Juniper, January 2013).

Mozido merchant services engage customers in a relevant and timely way, using CRM analytics and proximity to send the right offer, at the right time, to the right person – incentivizing customers to come back more often.

Personalized offers, loyalty and rewards programs, and easy-to-use payments enable merchants of all sizes to accept mobile payments, create loyalty programs and provide targeted offers to drive sales and frequency. Mozido can work with your POS system to provide a customized solution that works for you.

Telcos (Mobile Telecom Providers)

There are nearly seven billion mobile subscriptions worldwide according to The International Telecommunication Union (May 2014), representing 95.5 percent of the world population.

Telcos are positioned to be the leading providers of mobile wallets with offers and loyalty built in. With Mozido’s mobile payments, targeted offers and customized loyalty campaigns, mobile customers can connect to bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and pre-paid cards for funding sources. Even pre-paid customers can utilize a Telco’s mobile wallet. Mozido’s white-label, cloud-based solution can be built as a native application on most mobile devices, enabling direct access to a mobile wallet any time, anywhere.


Mozido’s mVault™ B2B solution enables merchants to pay drivers through a mobile application. By reducing the cash handling logistics that burden delivery drivers and distribution centers, our CPG clients save money by reducing the time and cost of handling cash, while increasing the number of deliveries per day. The real-time, digital, non-cash-based mobile payment solution is more secure, and reduces the risk for theft and fraud.


It’s important that government go where the people are for better engagement, and the place to engage people is on their mobile device.

Our bank-grade secure, cloud-based technology is able to operate on any mobile platform, opening doors for secure government usage. Secure messaging will allow one-to-one interaction for tamper-proof communication. Sophisticated ecosystems can allow access to government services directly from a mobile device.

Government benefits can be deposited directly to a person’s mobile account and then managed from their mobile device. They can take advantage of any of the existing and planned mobile wallet functions including payments, bill pay, remittance, person-to-person money transfers, mobile airtime top up and more.

1. Mozido Financial Services are provided in accordance with applicable licenses or through agency agreements and may not be available in all 50 States or markets. Services described herein are not currently available in the State of Washington.