With mobile rewards from Mozido, you can customize your rewards program to be as unique as your business and your customers. No more trying to fit your loyalty program into someone else’s pre-built template. Mozido gives you the flexibility to create, customize, brand and maintain an engaging loyalty program.

Business Account Types

Agency of Record

As an Agency of Record for your clients, you can leverage our robust customer engagement platform to offer your clients rewards, offers and other integrated value-added marketing services. You can also expand your business through the creation and management of smaller sub-agencies by simply using our platform tools.

Enterprise Solutions

Mozido offers your enterprise a scalable, flexible and fully configurable solution integrated with your internal systems and external third-party service providers. Extend your customer engagement offerings through your own branded rewards and marketing solutions.

Integrated Mobile Solutions

Mozido makes it easy to design a robust, fully integrated offers and rewards program with your business and mobile application. We can easily configure, extend or customize our core platform so your programs have what they need to compete in the market, like location services, mobile payments and secure messaging.

Multi-Merchant Marketing Coalitions & Two-Tier Rewards

Through a partner coalition or two-tier account, Mozido can provide flexible co-branded reward capabilities to multi-merchant branded service providers such as malls and associations. We enable single- and multi-level rewards that are easily promoted and managed through a single dashboard for maximum marketing impact and ROI.

Campaign Types

Points & Rewards

Traditional programs allowing you to assign points based on variables such as amount spent, products purchased, in-store promotions, etc. You determine the point value and the customer reward.

Buy X Get Y Free

A classic program to reward your customers with free items based on the number of times they purchase a particular product or service.

Events Based

You define rewards based on the interactions your customers have with your business, such as number of visits or check-ins, rather than money spent.

Gift Card

This can be a traditional plastic gift card program or go virtual through a mobile or online stored value account.

Earn Money Per Event

Customers earn stored value monetary rewards when they perform your targeted actions. These could be customer referrals, participating in a survey or product test, etc.