Mobile Transaction EcoSystem Architecture Framework

At the core of Mozido’s technology is the MoTEAF platform. MoTEAF sets Mozido apart with a cloud-based, mobile ecosystem that acts as a single point of integration, allowing clients to pay, engage and reward through the mobile channel.


MoTEAF is a cloud-based platform, which means services can be scaled as your business needs change – without a significant investment of time or money.


MoTEAF is a complete ecosystem of mobile services. Mozido integrates best-in-class service providers with your existing partners to deliver a robust mobile solution.


MoTEAF provides a turnkey mobile solution with the services you want already built in. With fully developed APIs and core services, MoTEAF delivers the entire solution from start to finish.


The core services of MoTEAF are all modular, meaning you can turn on only the services you wish to use. As your business needs grow, you can simply turn on additional services with minimal effort.


The MoTEAF platform was designed to be highly scalable and highly available. It scales instantly to meet the needs of your business without ever compromising speed or performance.

Device Agnostic

Because MoTEAF is built and maintained using bleeding edge technology, the platform can accommodate any mobile device, from smart phones to feature phones to text-only phones.

Legacy Systems

The ability of the MoTEAF platform to integrate with legacy systems allows you to extend services into the mobile channel without replacing existing service providers. We don’t require a rip and replace of existing technology just to go mobile.


Certified for PCI, OFAC, ISO, HIPPA with AML and KYC service modules.
Meets Mobile Marketing PII and opt in standards in every country we serve.
Bank-grade processing of mobile transactions.


Highly extensible set of core and partner services allowing you to choose the components that make sense for your business with low-risk future-proof technology adoption.